Our Construction Process

1Permit Stage

In this stage, Dream Finders Homes files for a construction permit in the county where your home is being built. This stage takes time; the permit can only be filed with finalized plans, structural engineering, truss designs and energy calculations for the State and it goes through a process that often requires revisions. The sooner you finalize your home plan and color selections, the sooner the permitting process can begin. Once we have the permit back, we begin dirt work to ensure the vegetation is removed and proper fill is used on the home building pad.

2Foundation Stage

During this phase of construction, form boards are positioned to contain the concrete of the foundation. This is the exact location where the home will be positioned on the lot! Next, the plumbing and electrical crews come to add supply and drainage pipes inside the layout of the foundation. The footings inside the foundation are prepared by the concrete crew. Metal rebar is installed in all footings to provide the foundation even more durability. At last, a slab inspection takes place to make sure all slab work meets building code standards. We then schedule the concrete of the foundation to be poured! The concrete crew will pour the concrete, smooth it out, and allow it to cure.

3Framing Stage

This stage is where carpenters begin building the interior and exterior walls in addition to the setting of the roof trusses and floor joists (if you have a second floor). After that, the crew adds roof decking and exterior sheeting to protect the home. This sheeting is constructed with the Zip Sheathing System to keep unwanted air and moisture out.

4HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Stage

At this point, the plumbing crew extends the pipes laid during Foundation Stage throughout the walls. The lines supplying water to the kitchen, baths, laundry, and outdoor hose bibs are installed as well as the showers and tubs. During this stage, the heating and air conditioning ducting system (HVAC), and wiring for all electrical systems. Once these items have been installed, all of these systems get their own inspections. The home might appear to slow down at the completion of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, but know that a lot of inspections are taking place. There are also inspections happening on the doors, windows and the structural framing aspects of the home. Once inspections are complete, we start the insulation process. In this stage, the exterior doors and windows are installed as well.

5Drywall and Exteriors Stage

In this stage, we start by hanging drywall panels on the ceiling first, then the walls. Drywall finishes are added next to complete the sheetrock process. This can be a messy step because of all the drywall mud and taping that gets used and the sanding process to make it smooth creates a lot of dust. On the exterior of the home, the stucco or lap siding is installed, as well as the details of stone and/or brick are installed.

6The Interior Finishes Stage

The Interiors stage begins with the trim carpenter installing the interior doors, cabinets, baseboards, and crown molding. Next the painting crew adds the primary coats of paint to the walls, baseboards, crown molding. After that, the tile flooring is installed in all applicable areas of the home and cabinets and countertops go in to start giving the home its unique character!

7Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing and Final Trim Out Stage

The mechanical and electrical systems in the home are completed during this stage. This also includes the completion of all plumbing, lighting, and HVAC systems. In addition, we install mirrors, shower doors, appliances, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. Carpet and hardwood flooring will also be installed during this stage.

8Punch Out Stage

This is where the finishing touches are done. Paint touchups are complete, the interior and exterior of the home is professionally cleaned and the driveway is pressure washed. The yard is sodded and landscaping is installed. A final inspection is performed to ensure building code standards have been met.

9Final Inspections, Quality Assurance Stage

During this stage, a Quality Assurance professional visits the home and goes through a rigorous checklist of all the functioning systems in the home to make sure they are all operating at optimum performance. Once they have completed their report, the Dream Finders Homes Builder does an inspection of his own, and corrects all items on the Quality Assurance Inspector's list so that the home is complete and ready for a homeowner’s orientation.

10New Homeowner's Orientation/First Walk Through

The home is now complete and this is the stage where the buyer is contacted to walk through the home with the Dream Finders Homes Builder. During this New Homeowner's Orientation, the Builder will walk the buyer through the home explaining the many features, benefits, and overall operation of the functioning systems. He will also address any questions or concerns noted by the buyer to ensure they are successfully completed prior to closing.

11Final Walk Through

The intention of this last visit to the home is to verify that all questions have been answered and all items found during the New Homeowner’s Orientation have been addressed according to Dream Finders Home’s standards. This is the final step before our new homebuyer goes to closing and gets to move into their brand new home!