Design Center

Structural Options*

There’s just something about coming home to a home that you had a hand in designing. Dream Finders home plans are well thought out plans; they offer more functional living space, a contemporary flow with classic finishes. At Dream Finders Homes you have the ability to make structural changes to your home plan regardless of the price point**. Most builders do not allow structural changes or they only allow them for their more expensive home plans. At Dream Finders Homes we believe that every home is as important as the next regardless of price and everyone deserves the ability to make style changes to their plan in order to build a home that suits their needs.
* Many structural changes take place at contract signing
** Structural changes for townhomes are limited


From the comfort of carpet, to the clean lines of tile, to the elegance of hardwood, select from a variety of flooring options that will define your home from the moment someone steps through the front door.


Brick, stone, stucco and lap siding work together to enhance the architectural style of a home along with paint colors and design details like corbels, archways and shutters. Let Dream Finders Homes build you a home that has timeless appeal; a home that is just the way you want envisioned it with your personal sense of style.


Kitchen and bathroom upgrades tend to offer the most return on investment. Complement your cabinets with beautiful fixtures and durable, dependable, eye-catching countertops.


New homes tend to offer more cabinet space than older resale homes. Make your cabinets not only functional, but also attractive. From traditional to contemporary styles, you’re sure to find the right style and design to suit your needs.


The details make the difference. Carefully selecting a few fine finishes give you the opportunity to give your home its own distinctive style.


A brand-new home must have brand-new, top-of-the-line appliances. Outfit your new home with energy efficient appliances in a variety of styles that will keep your clothes and dishes clean, your food fresh, your meals hot and energy costs low

Cooling and Heating

Whether it’s staying cool in the summer or keeping warm in the winter, it’s vital to maintain a comfortable environment inside your new home. Experience monthly savings and the ultimate in energy efficiency with the right heating and cooling system.

Home Automation

Stay connected to home wherever you are. With our incredible home automation options, you can do everything from locking the front door or changing the thermostat to turning on your sound system or opening the garage, all with the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

Get Inspired!

What’s your defining style?

What’s your style? Are you classic, traditional, chic, cosmopolitan or contemporary? Maybe, one style doesn’t define you but a combination is more like you? If you can’t quite put your finger on your preferences, we can help you find out what style you prefer.

Ideas to inspire you.

1What is the Dream Finders Homes design center?

Our Design Center showcases all selections and options under one roof. It's where you can really see the Dream Finders Homes difference. You'll have your very own Personal Design Consultant, who is available to provide guidance and advice to help you achieve your desired design style on your preferred budget. You decide which features are most important to you, and we'll help you create your very own distinctive, personalized home

2What happens when I visit the Dream Finders Homes design center?

Your Personal Design Consultant will help you navigate the entire process of selecting finishes based on your personal style, define your personal vision of your home and work within your desired budget. The appointment is interactive, exciting and fun.

3How much should I expect to spend on my dream home design choices?

Dream Finders Homes prides itself on offering elevated builder included features compared to our competition. That being said we realize that no two families are the same, and every homebuyer's style is as different at their budget. You decide how much to spend on the personal design of your home, and your Design Consultant will work within that desired budget.

4Do I have to pay for my selections at the design center out of pocket or can I finance my design choices through my home loan?

In most cases, your design choices can be rolled into your mortgage so your personalized home will be within your monthly mortgage payment.

5Can I visit the Dream Finders Homes design center before my appointment with a design consultant?

Absolutely! Once a week we hold a Dream Finders Homes Design Center Preview Night for buyers already under contract. Currently, Preview Nights are only offered in our Northeast Florida division. Preview Nights allow our buyers to browse the Design Center and to prepare for your scheduled appointment with one of our Design Center Consultants. Unfortunately we cannot provide pricing at Preview Night, so we suggest organizing a “Wish List” to make your scheduled appointment that much easier. When comparing Dream Finders Homes to other builders, you will see that most other builders don't come close to included features that your Dream Finders home includes.

6What kinds of choices will I find at the Dream Finders Homes design center?

Dream Finders offer a wide range of choices you need to personalize your home and make it distinctively yours. At the Design Center you will be able to select flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, windows, window coverings and more. Plus, we have home automation and great energy-saving options you will be able to consider.