Energy Efficiency

Dream Finders Homes takes great pride in the quality of its homes, and we believe that high quality and increased efficiency are one in the same. We understand that quality today is measured not just in wood and nails, but in HERS ratings, kilowatts saved, weather resistance and impressive durability. That is why we are proud to offer homes that incorporate the latest in energy/money-saving features. Homes that include the latest features not only take advantage of the most current technology and materials but also conserve water and other resources and improve indoor air quality. Because Dream Finders Homes are constructed and filled with the latest features and technology, they are considerably more efficient than a typical resale home, giving our homes a distinct advantage over older homes.

Dream Finders homeowners save on utility bills thanks to our energy-efficient homes. But energy efficiency is just the start. Quieter interiors and better temperature control mean greater comfort. At Dream Finders Homes, an energy-efficient home means a better-built and more comfortable home.

    Special framing techniques and improved insulation systems help reduce internal leaks and drafts.
    Enhanced insulation help minimize voids and gaps while the use of low-e windows and higher thermal properties add value to increased energy efficiency.
    Higher SEER-rated equipment, multiple air ducts and return air grilles help stimulate fresh air ventilation, decrease humidity and reduce energy usage.
    Return air ducts and transfer grilles help balance pressure throughout the home, enabling air to circulate more easily.