Warranty Coordinator – Colorado

  • Job Positions : Warranty Coordinator

  • Address : Larimer County,Colorado,Aurora

Major Objectives  

  • Listen to customers warranty needs and concerns regarding their home
  • Generate warranty tickets and house notes to track records of repair work
  • Ensure warranty requests are completed in a quality, clean and timely manner
  • Work with subcontractors to efficiently schedule with customers
  • Work with builders to aid in a streamline construction process that delivers a quality product

Work Activities

  • Schedules and organizes subcontractors to complete work on a timely basis
  • Explains to customers the Dream Finders Homes Warranty and how it affects them and their construction issues
  • Schedule with the homeowner and our subcontractors to remedy the issues
  • Schedule 11-month warranty walks with the homeowners and schedule the appropriate subcontractors to remedy the issues
  • Spend time with the Construction Team to learn the aspects of the construction process

List job titles and number of people managed.

1-20 trades that must perform work within the homes after closing that are inhabited


  • Subcontractors & Suppliers – for purpose of constructing the home and best building practices
  • Sales consultants -for purpose of learning about buyers needs and processes
  • Construction manager – communication with construction directives
  • Builders – scheduling QC checks and construction guidelines
  • Office Operations Director – as a communication center – daily
  • Warranty Coordinators – for scheduling assistance
  • Warranty Manager – for feedback, guidance, goal setting, and performance review

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