Build on Your Lot

Build On Your Lot

If you have a special piece of property where you want to build your Dream Finders home our knowledgeable sales staff can help you get started. Once you find your home site, we send our skilled site team to evaluate and plan everything you’ll need for construction and a beautiful site orientation.

What to Look For

What is your desired plan footprint?

Do you have a desired Dream Finders home in mind? If so it is important to know the footprint in order to purchase a home site will fit your desired home plan.

What is your lot size?

There are several variable to consider when looking at home sites; Setbacks, easements, protected conservation land and more can affect the lot fit.

Lot properties that effect building costs:

Besides the cost of the land itself, taxes and closing costs, your Dream Finders Homes sale counselor will help you estimate and identify costs driven by the land location and land characteristics:

  • Proximity and cost of utilities such as electricity, gas, septic/sewer and water/well, all of which require permitting and construction;
  • The cost and extent of site development; for example, dense wooded lots increase excavation, grading, and foundation costs significantly;
  • Additional design features, such as decking, detached garages, etc. can increase costs;
  • Environmental restrictions such as wetlands, conservation, or coastal areas can increase costs

Resources to request before you buy land:

  • Boundary survey that contains property lines, setbacks, location of utilities (water, sewer, electrical, septic restrictions) and environmental restrictions (wetlands, conservation land, etc.)
  • Soils Report (if applicable) so a structural engineer can determine necessary foundation requirements
  • Zoning Restrictions
  • Find out if your local jurisdiction requires any special planning reviews such as Design Review, Historical Review, etc., from the local building department.