Hi! I just wanted to share this awesome roller coaster of an emotional experience with you, regarding your company.

It has been a long process for us as buying a home wasn't an overnight event. It is an invested emotional moment. Only cause I've always felt transit ever since I lost my mother when I was 19, unfortunately my father at the age of 4. I never had a place I called home or felt I can say, 'I'm going home!' I felt homeless although not houseless, if that makes sense.

So our journey into house hunting began, my husband & I looked at so many builders but we feel in love with your company. We bought our first home & it was a Dream Finders home! We just closed on our home Aug. 26. It is located in The Palms at Nocatee. It has been an American Dream come true to be able to buy a house and have a place you can call your home!

As I was packing to move into my new place I became emotional. It was happiness, joy, & bittersweet all in one. I realized I now have a place I can make into my own home, no more moving. No one can take this moment away from my husband & I. We are in love with our home, words do not do it justice.

I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the help we've received from the sales staff and Chris McHough. Chris & his team were patient and professional during the home orientation and final walk through . Chris has been instrumental in making sure all the issues we had were resolved. We have been impressed by the quick response of your team. We have been referring your company to many of our friends and family. Did I mention our house is gorgeous!
Thuan Van & Xi Nguyen
We could not be happier that we selected Dream Finders to build our new home. Both Elizabeth and Shannon were more than accommodating throughout the entire process and were readily available to answer any questions we may have had. Trying to build your dream home can sometimes be a daunting task, but both Dream Finders agents helped walk us through the entire process from start to finish to make it not only painless, but a truly enjoyable experience for our family. Our time with the Dream Finders family and the quality of work and attention they provide easily allows us to recommend them to anyone looking to buy or build a home.
I recently closed on a Dream Finders home in Durbin Crossing North and I wanted to reach out to let you know what an incredible experience it was to build with you. In particular it was our project manager, Chris McHugh, that exceeded my expectations at every step in the process. I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism and attention to detail. It clearly shows in the finished product the care he puts into his work and ensuring the same high standards from his team.

For a little backstory, this is our second time building a home. The last time we built with a large national firm and I should have known from the beginning that it would be a mistake. The sales agent who greeted us looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Our project manager was combative when we had questions or concerns and was always chewing dip when we talked. My wife and I were still engaged at the time, had no clue what we were doing, and probably shouldn't have been buying a house at that stage in our lives. After the experience I had building with Richmond American, I swore I would never go through that again.

Fast forward ten years, my wife and I have three kids and have since sold that house at a loss. We needed something larger and in a better location...somewhere we would be happy to spend the next 15 years until all the kids are out of high school. We looked at a home a family was selling in Durbin South that was built by Dream Finders and instantly fell in love. The floor plan was exactly what we needed with the loft and bedroom upstairs, the gorgeous kitchen, and beautiful sunlight in every room. I had my realtor check that home against a new construction and building our own made more sense from a financial and feature standpoint.

Our sales agent, Jeannie Soler, was extremely helpful and made excellent suggestions as we customized the floor plan. It was wonderful to be able to add and remove doors, move walls around, change the configuration of the laundry room, and extend the casida and courtyard out a few feet for extra space. With our last home, making any changes to the plan was impossible so the willingness to customize however we needed it was a breath of fresh air.

A huge mistake I made with the last build was not hiring my own home inspector. I am not a construction professional and don't know what to look for beyond the superficial. He did an inspection prior to each of our walkthroughs to assist me with talking points as I reviewed the house with your team. The inspector was very thorough and he found little to comment on about the house. For example, he checked the whole house for bowed studs and only found a couple. He said that it is unheard of in a house this size to have that few.

When all was said and done, the house came together beautifully. We moved in a week ago and we love it here. I have a high level of confidence in the quality of construction of the house and I attribute that entirely to Chris' involvement. He was always available to answer my questions and responded to my concerns immediately when we felt something wasn't quite right. Having open lines of communication from the start is a huge differentiator for Dream Finders and is what has me telling everyone what incredible work your team did.

Thanks again for building such a great company. It is the people that make it amazing and you clearly have chosen wisely.
Paul Elliott
We closed on our new home 11/25/2014 and we could not have been more happier. From start to finish the Dreamfinders Team have been utter professionals that guided us through the entire process. As first-time homeowners we were novices to the industry and Dreamfinders took us step by step from the building to closing. Our superintendent Jeremy Butler was an amazing builder who had our home finished and delivered weeks ahead of schedule, which allowed us the opportunity to be moved in before Christmas. Jeremy was a tremendous blessing to me and my family who went above and beyond ensuring all our requirements were met and exceeded.

This builder is the way to go...
Matthew & Angela Gayle
I am writing this letter to you to say thank you for everything that Lucy, Elizabeth and Dreamfinders did for me while building my first home. You made the whole building experience an enjoyable and exciting time in my life. I appreciate the speed and quality that went into building my home, along with no broken promises or unresolved problems. I entered my new house feeling good about everything Dreamfinders Homes did to insure that my decision to build a new home was the right choice. I would, without hesitation, recommend Dreamfinders Homes to anyone who is in the market for building a new home ' I want to personally extend my appreciation to Lucy and Elizabeth who were very helpful and caring in my whole process. They took the time to show me my plans and walk me through the whole buying process. They kept in touch with me through e-mail and by phone every week and seemed to truly care and help me with any questions I had.

Thanks again for all your efforts.
Allan Alilio
Michael & Kristen A. had this to say about Dream Finders Homes' Superintendent, Jeremy, in their community:

'I know Kristen and I have said this already but we are so thankful that we were able to have you oversee the building of our home. You have surpassed all of our expectations. We have had a few issues but none of them you could have foreseen. We have been shocked at the speed that you accomplished tasking all parties involved and upholding such a high level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and professionalism. I was nervous at how fast things were progressing at times but seeing the process through and seeing the finished product I know the home is solid and corners were not cut in the process. Know that after we close you will always have a part of our families life and you will always be welcome. Thank you and we can't wait to meet up Friday afternoon!!!'
Michael & Kristen A.
Shannon- Doug and I would like to take an opportunity to thank you and Chris Vickers. We could not be more impressed with your dedication to delivering a beautiful home. With any new home build we understood there would be challenges and stressful moments but it truly felt like we were all a team in it together. You guys truly rock and we love our new home.

Big Thank You!!
Awsome!! You are an amazing builder and you were a tremendous blessing to me and my family. We are honored to have you build our first home.

I am happy that you will keep an eye on the home until we get there.

Angela and I are in your debt.
Matt Gaylee
I had a very positive experience with Dream Finders team; Lucy, Elizabeth, Billi West (finance company), Mr. Santoro (closing attorney) and Chris (punch list contractor).

I am very pleased with my Townhome. The environment in the community is very pleasant. The office staff answered all my questions and help with the process of purchasing my home.

I purchased the 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home with lots of upgrades, master bedroom on first floor.

Thank you Dream Finders staff and associates.
We would like to extend our sincere thanks for a job well done to every person at Dream Finders who had a hand in this home purchase. It was pleasure working with Ms. Lucy Manning, Elizabeth Woodruff, and Nancy. This team made the home buying process so easy. I am very pleased with the service offered and looking forward to working with this team again in the future.
I wanted to take a moment to send you a note about our amazing experience my husband Mike and I had with Dream Finders Homes.

From the very beginning when we initially visited the Dream Finders model in Durbin Crossing, Jeannie Soler, Shannon Ray and the team were very helpful. Jeannie talked with us about the size house we wanted, the options in the Durbin North and South neighborhoods and helped us to find something that would work best for our budget.

We were connected with Dream Finders preferred lender, Lion Bank and we were preapproved the same day for our loan on our home. We were able to sign the paperwork and get the process going very quickly and efficiently.

When it came time to meet with the design team, they were very helpful and walked us through the entire process from paint colors to the types of doors we wanted, granite to appliances and carpet to tile. They helped us through everything and really made it easy to match colors and finishes and gave great advice and recommendations.

And once we finally broke ground and began building, Jeannie and Jason our builder were awesome about keeping us informed and answering our questions throughout the entire process. The building process was very fast and when it came time for our multiple walk-throughs, Jason answered all of our questions and fulfilled our requests for any fixes we saw that needed to be made.

My husband Mike and I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the entire team at Dream Finders for their amazing service and support. We absolutely LOVE our new home and are huge fans of Dream Finders!!!!
We would like to thank each and every team member from Dream Finders who made our dream house come to reality. We are very pleased and thankful with the building process and clear explanation of the of timelines provided by sales person (Jeannie Soler). I would like to thank Jeannie Soler for being so patient and helpful throughout the process and assisted us till the end of closing day. I sincerely appreciate her thoughts and hard work put in to developing my house plan. I would like to thank my superintendent Josh Palmer for being such a wonderful person and explaining process in lame terms (as it was our first house). Over all I had a wonderful experience with Dream Finders team. You can see their hard work and dedication towards their job based on the beautiful houses they built in the community. They use high quality material for that competitive price and always satisfy you with the best available in the market. I even recommended couple of my friends who ended up buying houses with them, we always felt like home when we were at their office and sales person (Jeannie Soler) treated us as one of her family member. I personally would not have got best quality construction anywhere else in Jacksonville

Thank You again for all your help and for building my dream house.
Sandeep & Sharanya
We can not say enough good things about our experience with Dream Finders. We searched for months for the perfect house. We had found a few that we liked but we weren't thrilled until we walked into Dream Finders. When we found out that what is considered 'upgrades' by other builders was considered 'standard' at Dream Finders we were blown away. We knew we had to go with them. So we built a house in Durbin Crossing a few months ago and truly could not be happier we chose them as our builder. We got so much more for our money than we ever dreamed of getting, and a much better quality than we ever expected! We have recommended Dream Finders to all of our friends and family. We seriously gush about them to anyone who will listen! 🙂

Building a house can be very stressful and we were so lucky to have Jeannie and the Dream Finder team there to help us through it. Jeannie personally went above and beyond to help us, and was always there when we needed anything. Dream Finders definitely makes sure that everything is personalized and they work hard to make sure that everything is perfect. We are so in love with our new home, and know that anyone who goes with Dream Finder will be too!

We truly appreciate everything you have done for us Dream Finders!
Melissa and Gregory Moore
I wanted to send an email regarding our choice to have Dream Finders build our home. We were very pleased with the building process and their guarantee to have our home built in 90 days. The Dream Finders team worked with us throughout our building process and they understood that this was the first time we had built a home. We were very pleased with the choices of plans that were offered and the packages that were included or could be added with each plan. They used high quality building materials and kept our lot clean during building.

I also wanted to give a special Thank You to Chris Vickers, our superintendent. He greatly assisted us during the final days before closing and during both our walkthroughs. He is a very nice person to deal with and he answered every question that we had. He always made sure that the items we asked him to address were completed. He had a surprise for me at my final walkthrough; we'd previously discussed that I would be removing the phone jack/plate from the back splash in the kitchen because I didn't need it; at the end of the walkthrough he asked if I noticed anything. As I scanned the kitchen, I became aware that he had removed the phone jack and put the backsplash in its place. I was so excited about that! Thanks Chris!

Dream Finders built our Dream Home! We would definitely recommend Dream Finders to anyone building a new home. They offer many choices that other builders don't.

Thank you again from a Dream Finders New Home Owner!
Tricia Olson
We purchased a home from Dream Finders in August of this year. My wife and I spent several months searching the Jacksonville market for a home without any luck. We pre-viewed numerous homes in the area that did not meet our expectations in regards to a new home. We heard about the Pine Ridge community and happened to enter the Dream Finders Homes model. We liked the development with the all the amenities offered, along with the positioning of the local schools. While visiting the model with the new home agent explained several upgraded features in the home that met our expectations.

Our two biggest concerns were that we could not get a home built in the timeframe that we had to work with, and that the quality would not be up to our standards given the circumstances that we were facing. We were living in Gainesville and had very little time to find a place here in the Jacksonville area. The Builder made us several promises on a time factor and answered our questions about the features that we needed. We signed on with Dream Finders and followed the design and building process almost on a daily basis. We are very satisfied with our new home and the quality of the builder. We feel that we received more than we had anticipated and the quality of the structure exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Dream Finders to anyone that I know. We have a better built home in a great new community that has outshined any other property that we viewed. Dream Finder Homes really spent the time to make sure we got everything that we wanted in our dream home.
Brian Long
Tammie and I have been working with Patrick and his team for several months, building our dream home. The process was new to us as first time buyers and Dream Finders made the experience easy and positive. We were able to build a home that several other builders in the area simply can not do. The home has exceeded our expectations and the craftsmanship is some of the best I have seen. Because they have streamlined the building process without the heavy payrolls of the other local builders, they have kept the costs down and passed the savings on to the home owners. As a military officer and a new home owner, I absolutely recommend Dream Finders to anyone looking to build there dream home in North Florida. I am also willing to speak and show our new home to anyone that would like to contact me.
Austin Akers
My name is Sarah and together with my husband Scott, we recently closed on our home in John's Creek. Scott and I are writing this letter to express our appreciation for the Dream Finder's quality of product, but most importantly to praise two individuals, Jaime Mott and Quincy Hardy.

Scott and I began the process by scheduling a meeting with Jaime one Saturday. We had researched Dream Finders, reviewed floor plans, had pictures of desired interior finishes and exterior finished, and driven through Durbin Crossing and John's Creek several times. When we sat down with Jaime on Saturday, we had a pretty set idea of what we wanted to build. Unfortunately, we selected a floor plan that is very popular on our street and had limited lots to choose from. However, the second we sat down with Jaime, he started figuring out a way to make our dream home a reality.

We spent 6 straight hours with him the first day and about 4 hours with him the next day. During these two days, Jaime took us to tour several homes that were at varying stages of the build process so we could get an idea of floor plans, space, finishes, and upgrades. He talked through color schemes, showed us pictures of everything we asked about (bronze windows, fireplaces, white kitchens, kitchens with added cabinets, tray ceilings, brick colors, etc.). Jaime is very detail oriented and that matched our personalities perfectly. Because of his familiarity with the process, he knew what questions to ask and what items to add onto our list to get our home they way he knew we were envisioning it. We left the second day feeling extremely pleased.

Throughout the entire paperwork and build process Jaime was extremely responsive and worked hard to get us what we wanted. If he was even slightly unsure of an answer, he would make a quick call to find out the correct answer and call us back. Scott and I were regulars in the offices for several months and Jaime always made time to fill us in on where we were in the process.

We found Jaime to be extremely skilled, personable, and well-suited for his job as a new home consultant and have referred others to him because of the wonderful experience we had.

Quincy Hardy also played a major part in our awesome home building experience. From day one we knew we had the right manager on our job. He is extremely detail oriented and went through every last item on our build plans. He was able to identify some minor issues with location of shower niches and even water controls for our third shower. He asked us if there was anything that we were particular about; items he should pay special attention to. This was fantastic because we felt like he was part of our team and wanted to make this house perfect for us, not just finish the home because it was his job.

Throughout the next several months, Scott and I dropped by our lot at least three times a week. Quincy made it a point to stop and see us if he was not already at the home. He was patient and explained the building process, codes, and next steps in great detail. He always made us feel comfortable and reassured that he was there to build us a great home.

If there was ever an issue between the theory of the plans and the reality of the build, he would contact us. We greatly appreciated this because we know he did not have to do this (and it certainly took time out of his day), but this was just one of the many reasons why we loved working with Quincy.

Quincy also demanded the best out of the tradesmen that were working on the home. We also noticed how much respect many of the tradesmen had for Quincy, which speaks volumes about his work and his work ethic.

Scott and I know several people whom were/are building during this time and we, by and far, had the best experience out of all of them. We are so pleased with the work that Jaime and Quincy did for us, that if we ever move, we would find the neighborhoods that Jaime and Quincy are building in and begin our search there.
Scott and Sarah Wilson
This was the best buying experience I encountered. My sales representative Scott Harvey and Patrice Behrenwald were “Outstanding”. This is my second home, even-though I knew some of what I wanted — Scott listened to me and recommend the home we purchased. Which we are so happy he did. I had an “Open House” recently and all of my friends “Loved” our home. Some of their comments were, they wished they used Dream Finders when they purchased their home, the entire home was beautiful, everyone loved the lay out and the kitchen. They loved the model we have, the “Sebastian”. Both Scott and Patrice are “excellent” at what the do. Also, Chris Nelson - Supervisor for the site did an outstanding job answering all questions we had along the way during the constructions. Also, during our walk through — he did not rush us at all. He wanted to make sure we reviewed everything and addressed any questions we had. This is the “BEST” team — We are so excited and glad we purchase our home with DreamFinders and will definitely recommend them to our friends and family.
Christine and John Pillow